Month of Sundays is a design studio with passion in story telling and honest down to earth design. Our collections feature contemporary clothing and accessory pieces with focus on knitwear, natural materials and high quality craftsmanship.

With home in Helsinki and in Budapest, we inhale white nights and stories long forgotten.  We love items that are good for the soul.

Along with every seasonal collection Month of Sundays creates products in collaboration with talented designers across the design field. Latest to mention ‘a labor of love’ series carrying text based dresses and notebooks.

The label’s name Month of Sundays can be traced back to the 50’s where the saying was used to define an unpredictable long period of time. Month of Sundays refers to brand’s ageless and high quality design. It also describes the ambiance that Month of Sundays likes to reflect with its collection and products — casual Sunday in the company of great people.

Month of Sundays describes the brand’s woman as following and at the same time finds somewhat similar characteristics as in their selves: ´Month of Sundays woman walks an uneven path and takes a break from the rush where ever she wants. She is spontaneous, kind and smiling, but also a thoughtful lover of silent moments. She dresses as her sister loving everything soft on her skin. ´

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