Origin & care

All Month of Sundays items have been sustainable and thoughtfully crafted in Italian yarns, Swedish vegetable tanned leather and natural fiber fabrics.


Month of Sundays’ knitwear are produced in high quality Italian merino wool, linen and cotton yarn in brand’s other home Budapest, Hungary.

Knit’s soft, extra fine yarns are liable to pill to some extent, even when using those of the best quality. This is natural and characteristics to these yarns. Remove any pills using a knitwear comb and protect from sharp items or jewelry that may catch or snag. Please remember that knits made in natural yarns don’t need washing, airing after use is enough and prolongs knit’s life.

If washing is needed you can wash Month of Sundays knits by hand or in a machine. Remember always to use wool detergent and wash your knit in a cold water. If you are washing the knit in a machine always use the wool program without spinning or tumble drying. After washing wrap the wet knit in a towel and press to remove excess moisture. Flat dry in a airy place and avoid direct sunlight.


Month of Sundays accessories are made in certified chromium-free vegetable-tanned leather. The leather is sourced from a Swedish tannery and is all vegetable dyed.

Accessories are produced by hand either in our studios in Helsinki and Budapest or in Vilna, Lithuania.

Light colors in vegetable tanned leather will develop a beautiful patina while aging. You can treat the leather with leather spray that protects your item from water and dirt. It’s also recommended regularly to use natural oil based treatments and care products to keep your leather item looking great.

The zippers for all our accessories are produced by YKK and are the highest quality. You can treat the metallic zipper with a piece of dry soap or candle to make it slide more smoothly.


All Month of Sundays fabrics are sourced from EU and woven from natural fibers. Wool and silk comes from Italy and Greece, linen from Lithuania and Estonia where it has a rich tradition.

All clothing are produced in Tallinn, Estonia with our long term collaborative ateljé. As the material qualities vary, pay attention to the care instructions in every item.

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