Beeswax candles

A pair of pure beeswax candles that fills the room with natural honey scent. Candles are handmade in collaboration with a family business that owns 42 bee families in Kisnána, Hungary.

Hungary has a long tradition in apiary and honey production. Beeswax is created as a by-product of honey production. It doesn’t require fertilizers or fossil fuels to produce, thus it has extremely low environmental impact. 

Collaboration video was created together with Unto Rautio


A labor of love is a collaboration with Budapest based stationary brand Rubidium. The notebooks are hand-bound in Budapest, Hungary. Each book is carrying a saying that reflects the women behind and wearing the brand, their stories and personalities.

Some of the sayings have both negative and positive interpretation, as does the brand’s name Month of Sundays — all the quotes are balancing between being honest and empathic and standing up for yourself. Notebooks feature sayings ‘a sea change’, ‘between two stools’ and ‘milk of human kindness’. Everyone is free to render the sayings according to their world.

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